Last year in September a French town opened a centre with the exclusive purpose of de-radicalizing young Islamists. It was France’s effort to solve the problem of French natives becoming interested in travelling to Syria to participate in the Jihad.

The spokesman in favour of the centre, Louis Lefranc, stated that “It’s about young people who are radicalised and want to get away from it.’’ The de-radicalization programme was intended for those that had become infatuated by radical Islamic ideology and became sympathizers of IS.

The centre made headlines not long after opening when one of its residents was arrested on his way to Syria, where he intended to fight on behalf of IS.

Now, however, it has become clear that the infamous centre will be closing its doors forever. The re-education centre worked on a fully voluntary basis and out of the 25 places, only nine ended up being filled. Moreover, out of these nine, a total of zero completed the course. Their target audience of radicalized Muslims living in France nonetheless consists of a total of 15.000, according to a French government report. Sadly, none of them could be encouraged to turn their lives around.

The local residents of Beaumont-En-Veron were not initially happy with the location of the centre and are relieved to see it close. It seems the French will need to continue their search for a solution to their problems with radicalized Muslim youths.