Stefan Schubert, a former German police officer turned author of books about his experiences as both a policeman and hooligan. At one time he served as the bodyguard of Helmut Kohl, later as a police officer in Nordrhein-Westphalen. During his time as a police officer, he was a bare-knuckle fighter and hooligan. Discovery of this double-life lead to him leaving the police force voluntarily. His latest book is called No-Go-Areas: Wie der Staat vor der Ausländerkriminalität kapituliert (No-Go-Areas: How the State is Capitulating to Crime by Foreigners).

In his article for German website, Schubert notices a pattern in the response to excesses of violence. After each ‘incident’, the same politicians offer the same platitudes: “we have to remain a state capable of defending itself…” and so on.

But those that have to defend the state on the street, the police officers, are stripped of their capability to defend themselves, they are turned, by politics and the media, into ‘de-escalation’-robots.

Schubert goes on to claim that the victims of this political course are not the politicians, who sit, heavily guarded, behind bulletproof windows and in armoured limousines. The true victim is the legitimacy of the state. Because the state has taken such a soft approach, life-threatening situations are created for the population in general, and for police officers in particular. And not just in the Federal Republic’s so-called No-Go-Areas, but in many other urban areas as well. To illustrate this, Schubert offers an analysis of a police action on 22 October 2017 in Hamburg.

In the city district St. Georg, which is riddled with drugs and drug-related crime, three police officers wanted to ascertain the identity of a 28-year-old Ghanian man. But instead of identifying himself, the man attacks the officers, harming them and seriously injuring one. Schubert goes on to quote the local newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt who describes the attack:

During the incident on Sunday evening, the man bit one of the officers in the lower left arm, and stuck his finger in his right eye. The officer received a wound in the eye, a deep bite wound and several other small wounds and could not continue his patrol. He was given treatment in hospital.

The other two officers were also wounded, before he could be overwhelmed. During the subsequent check, it turned out the Ghanaian was in Germany illegally. Schubert offers as his opinion, that without the disastrous politics of the Merkel-government, and without the failure of the ‘Red-Green’ coalition in Hamburg to consequently lock-up illegals, three police officers would not have been wounded that day. But what worries him is something else.

What worries Schubert, is that three police officers are incapable of stopping one violent migrant. Not only that, but one of them is seriously wounded, while the African was not. How is that possible, Schubert asks. Why didn’t any of the officers use his baton?

Just to make sure there is no misunderstanding: this is no plea for police violence. But when confronted with such a brutal attack, a robust defence is called for. Because his defence counsel, paid by the hapless taxpayer, will try and turn the real perpetrator into a victim anyway. Allegedly suffered trauma, or police violence in Ghana as well as in Germany, the officers being Nazi’s and racists, all this will be argued.

Schubert reproaches judges for being too inclined to follow this sort of logic and consequently be too soft on this kind of serious crime. The state, the judiciary and mainstream media not only abandon police officers, but actively seek to attack them, a statement which Schubert supports by quoting headlines from several media outlets:

Newssite TAG24 for example has the title:’Serious accusations: is the police in Leipzig manned by racists?‘ While Der Welt has the headline ‘Anne Will – of course there is racism in the police.’ And takes it futher with:’Dear police officers, why are you such racists?

Schubert reasons, that if police officers want to take back the streets from criminals, and be respected by them again, they’ll have to fight for it. Firstly, they have to fight the brainwashing of years of ‘assessment-center’ training by politically correct police-theorists, and instead hit the gym and boxing ring. It should be clear to policemen by now, that the de-escalation asked for by politicians is detrimental to their health, as the case in Hamburg clearly shows.

Assume for the moment, Schubert posits, that the Ghanian migrant in question had tried the same trick in Spain with the Guardia Civil or in a Paris No-Go-Area with the CRS. Then the man would be in hospital, not the officer.

This is not a call to police violence, but it should be understood by criminals, that it’s better not to attack police officers in Germany. That is the only language understood by criminal, North-African repeat offenders and the men of the Arab clans. But instead of supporting the police in this battle, society is eagerly playing the ‘racism-card’ against it.