Last Wednesday a German woman named Stefanie Kirchhoff posted a video to her Facebook page, in which she claims to show her head injuries inflicted by what she calls “foreigners”.

Her video message is translated below:

“See this? This is what happens when I tell an immigrant (Ausländer; foreigner) that he shouldn’t [insult me by] call[ing] me a ‘bitch’. This is what happens when I tell an immigrant he shouldn’t oggle me, and undress me with his eyes. Dear people, this is Germany. Here women are hit, children are defiled and kidnapped and one is oggled, oggled, oggled.

A warm welcome to you, Facebook, this nice, social platform, I’m looking forward to seeing what you make of this. Good times, real good times. (sarc.)  Marvelous. I am rejoicing. Happy Father’s Day to these… ‘manly’ bitches, women-hitters. Genious. Fantastic things. Never orgasmed like this.”

In the comment section on her Facebook video, some are accusing the woman of being a racist who has staged the incident to make money.

There seem to be no official stories or police reports. We’ll keep you posted.