This week, a political party in Spain took another tiny step towards the complete demasculinization of the Eurozone. The Iniciativa per Catalunya Verds (ICV) stated that ‘grid girls’ (or ‘umbrella girls’) who wear too revealing clothes should not always be allowed at the big car- and motor events. The ICV filed an official motion at the local municipality of Montmeló. This weekend, Montmeló is the home of the Formula 1 GP, and in June it will host the MotoGP race.

ICV’s Jordi Manils (32) stated to local media that:

“the presence of ‘grid girls’ does not fit the 21st century, or to a society that is modern and equal for all (…) it objectifies women and turns their bodies into ornaments.”

Earlier this year, a complete abolishment was attempted at the Jerez circuit in Spain, but the attempt failed. Therefore the ICV toned it down and merely aimed for tougher regulations on clothes and a balancing of the events by implementing ‘grid boys’ (no typo).

Forcing women to cover up in support of feminism, but when it comes to men, this apparent objectification is allowed. For now, enjoy the 2017 Barcelona Grand Prix this weekend!