Ah, Jean-Claude. Our favourite inappropriate uncle at parties who ended up as the chief elder of the EU tribe. Yesterday, a diplomatic source told The Sun, that yesterday Juncker was:

“Very visibly p***ed. He was bumping around into things, and going up to junior members of staff for conversations. It was odd behaviour, and a little bit embarrassing for everyone”.

And today, probably running on fumes, he attempted (jokingly?) to persuade his audience that Europeans will, due to Brexit, now somehow become more fluent in and capable of French than the English language:

I’m hesitating between English and French. But I made my choice. I will express myself in French. Because, slowly but surely, English is losing importance in Europe [applause].

As if.

His remarks come amid growing tensions between Brussels and London, with British PM Theresa May accusing the EU of meddling in British national elections, while the EU is losing more leverage and legitimacy by the day.