In a heated debate last night on Sky news, UK Prime Minister May was grilled on her stands on Brexit. In an obvious attempt to damage her current position on Brexit, interviewer Jeremy Paxman almost continuously interrupted her with (parts of) the question: “Last year you said we would be more secure, influential, successful and prosperous in the EU – so you’ve changed your mind?”

Still, May managed to keep her cool, and was able to find the time to answer:

“I take the view that the British people wanted a Brexit (…) and I want to make sure that there is a strong hand in those negotiations. (…) Brexit drew a line under the Brexit debate (…) and I genuinely think that if we get Brexit right, and this is really important for us, we can make a real success of the opportunities that open up for us, but we can only do that if we grasp those opportunities. I believe we are doing the right thing in making a success of Brexit.”

A Prime Minister that takes the lead in executing the will of her people. How refreshing, and what a powerhouse!