European politics remain in turmoil after Trump’s visit to NATO and the G7 Summit. Carl Bildt, the former Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs noted on Twitter that “after three days with Trump, Merkel draws key conclusions for Europe. This will be talked about. Much.

So what did Merkel say? Well, this:

The times, when we could completely rely on others, those times are truly gone. This I have experienced in the last few days. Because of this, I can only say: we Europeans have to take our destiny into our own hands.

It’s all good and well to say Trump acted like a drunken tourist. But what is someone who doesn’t trust a long-time ally who has paid for his defense for decades, when he’s told to foot the bill? Ungrateful, to say the least.

Trump is not the most diplomatic of US Presidents. But to call this display of wishful thinking and unwillingness to take international treaties seriously a “tough approach” is misunderstanding the meaning of ‘toughness’.

Meanwhile, if Merkel has her way and Europe governments will unify under her banner, Europe will take a confrontational course with Russia, without being backed by the US. We might be punching above our weight here.