Police station ‘Davidwache’, on the famous Hamburg Reeperbahn, will be guarded by a private security company due to the G20 summit this July. Its police officers have shown severe signs of stress and exhaustion and were unable to protect their own headquarters.

This was confirmed by police spokesman Rene Schönhardt who mentioned the arrangement had partly to do with the arson attacks on four police vehicles in Alsterdorf and Eimsbüttel last March, by opponents of the summit. Last year, on the website Indymedia, these (left-wing) opponents vowed to: “attack the police with full force.”

The German Police union was happy with the arrangement. Earlier this week union boss Gerhard Kirsch stated that: “those who attack the police attack the society and the state,” and also said that he expected an unequivocal and public condemnation of these criminal acts, especially by the representatives of the Left Party (Linkspartei).

State Chairman Jan Reinecke was also pleased with the solution, stating that:

“because of the special situation in Hamburg related to the G20 summit, the police have been working on their last breath. This provides our colleagues with the necessary time for their regular work.”

The arrangement is merely temporarily. How many guards will be implemented, the police did not share due so safety measures.