The latest trailer for Star Wars episode 8, The Last Jedi, just arrived, and of course, it looks great, and, as the director said; watch it at your own risk. It’s spoiler heavy. But what about the emotional impact of the trailer? Did it have the same impact as the Force Awakens trailers had? Well, not exactly. But what could possibly top the “Chewie, we’re home” bombshell-moment the previous movie had to offer. It was 12 years after the last Star Wars movie, and 34 years after the last real Star Wars movie. Force Awakens ran on nostalgia, which is why true fans loved the trailer. But, it was also that same nostalgia why some true fans disliked the movie. Force Awakens felt like a copy of New Hope, and ‘lack of creativity’ was what some associated with it.

Enter The Last Jedi, 2 years after The Force Awakens, 1 year after the mixedly received Rogue One movie. It’s also 1 year before the ‘Untitled Han Solo Movie’, 2 years before Episode 9, etcetera. Yes, The Last Jedi has to overcome many things. It cannot rely on nostalgia, because Star Wars fatigue is lurking around the corner already, and it cannot be a rehash of Empire because that predictability will for now surely piss off the fan base.

So, this will be a tough job for writer/director Rian Johnson. Fortunately for him, he is writer/director Rian Johnson. The guy is immensely talented and known in the industry for his dark-toned movies, which shouldn’t be a surprise since Empire was also the darkest episode of the originals. With his film Looper, he combined that tone with Sci-Fi and the result was amazing, making a highly creative film about time-travelling assassins. But his low budget movie Brick was also great, and he pretty much directed the best episodes of Breaking Bad (including the finale). That alone should give him a shot at directing Star Wars.

Now let’s hope Disney did not shackle him up too much in his creativity, and that Episode 8 will be a highly original, darkly toned, blast of a movie. And no matter what, we are there this December 13.