A group of unaccompanied ‘refugee children‘ in Sweden are threatening to kill themselves and to “ensure some Swedes follow them in death,” if they are denied asylum after if they have to undergo new and more accurate age tests. That is the grisly warning the Headmaster of a Grammar school writes in a letter, published by the former Ombudsman for refugees, Merit Wager.

The headmaster is active in a Swedish municipality of about 40.000 inhabitants. The group he discusses lives there and consists of about fifty young men from the Third World, who claim to be underage. The Swedish government’s decision to introduce age tests for the unaccompanied ‘children’ has led many of them feeling ill.

According to the Headmaster, they have taken to using drugs, including, but not limited to, smoking heroin.

“Some are now talking about committing suicide if they are not allowed to stay in Sweden after the age tests are performed, with the municipality now fearing an increased number of crimes of a violent and/or sexual nature.

For us, the school staff, the threat is terrible and frightening. Managing addicted, desperate young men is not something we have the knowledge or capacity for. We are concerned that violence, sexual harassment, robbery, etc. will increase, and therefore, of course, that the residents will be less secure.”

Those who talk about taking their own lives also openly discuss murdering Swedes in retaliation for being rejected, after lying about being a child. According to the headmaster:

Especially frightening is that among these young asylum seekers there are those that talk about ensuring some Swedes follow them in death when they kill themselves.

The letter from the headmaster, describing the situation as “a powder keg about to explode” has been published on Merit Wager’s blog. Wager, who previously held the office of Citizens Refugee’s Ombudsman also was an editorial writer for Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

After the high-profile murders at the Ikea in Vasteras, it was reported that the culprit, Eritrean Abraham Ukbagabir, committed the murders after having been told he was to be deported to Italy. Ukbagabir explained that he chose his victims, a woman and her adult son, for being “Swedish looking.