On Sunday 9 April, a woman was raped in the restroom for the disabled in nightclub Villa Strömpis in Örebo, Sweden, between approximately 01:00 and 1:30. According to the Public Prosecutor, the woman was particularly vulnerable because of her physical limitations.

The criminal charge is that she was violently forced into sexual intercourse by the suspect. He pushed her against the wall, held her there and kept her mouth covered to keep her from calling out. Subsequently, he pressed her head down and forced her into oral sex. He also pushed his fingers into her and penetrated her vagina.

Swedish police apprehended the suspect on Wednesday 12 April, and have since mounted a campaign to find witnesses. Successfully, it seems, as the prosecution of the suspected rapist has commenced on 24 May.

The accused, a 28-year-old Syrian, who describes himself as a “Syrian poet” and has a blog on which he publishes poems in Arabic, denies the offense.

The prosecution, however, has evidence in the form of several witnesses and forensic evidence. The poet, who is registered at an address in Kumla, is in need of an interpreter in Arabic, according to the lawsuit.

Prosecutor Christine Chi has not demanded the Syrian refugee be deported home if convicted.