The body found on Tuesday morning has been identified as that of the 19-year-old missing Tova Moberg. Last seen around 21.30 on Saturday, she is believed to have been killed at some time during that night, though it is likely she did not die in the water where she was found. According to the prosecutor, Christer Sammens, Tova “was killed by violent means, that is my understanding.

Of the three men who were detained on Sunday, initially accused of kidnapping, two have now been released. Though no longer suspected of having been involved in Tova’s murder, they have not formally been eliminated from the investigation. “My understanding is that we have a fairly good image of what happened,” says prosecutor Sammens, “but the investigation has not gone on for so long.” The two released men could be called as witnesses later.

During a detention hearing in front of the Hudiksvall District Court on Thursday, it took the judges an hour to decide that the third suspect would have to be arrested, now on suspicion of murdering Tova Moberg on probable cause. The 22-year-old, unnamed man, previously was in a relationship with the victim and reported to the police for assaulting her earlier this year.

Bo Karlsson, the young man’s defence lawyer says he is not surprised by the court’s decision:

I would have been surprised if the court had decided otherwise. But there is still a long way to go to prove beyond reasonable doubt. The fact that my client is in custody, does not in any way mean that he is guilty. (…) He has given an account of what happened that evening and night, and being part of some kind of crime against Tova is not included in that account.

The 22-year-old denies murdering Tova, and contests his detention. Karlsson declined to comment on the question whether or not his client met Tova Moberg on the night of her death.

On Wednesday evening hundreds attended a candlelight vigil and took part in a minute’s silence in Moberg’s memory held in her hometown of Iggesund.