German magazine Bild published an article, written by Andreas Wegener,  reporting on a case from October 2013, which the court has now to pass judgment on. Hassan A. is being prosecuted for having drugged his sister-in-law, Selma G. (fictitious name), then raping her and filming the rapes. This is said to have taken place during three consecutive days. In the words of Alina Hildesheim, the state prosecutor:

He laid her down, in her completely listless state and undressed the victim. Then he sexually assaulted her. At the same time, he filmed his actions with a Handycam.

The secret sexual practices might not have come to light, as the sister-in-law did not realise anything was happening to her. But Hassan A. bragged about his crimes, also in the circle of people they both know and showed the videos to boast. During the trial the victim said:

I worked in a bakery at the time. A customer said something about it. My landlord also saw a short film.

Her landlord had been given the accused’s smartphone – as a deposit for a debt. Selma G. took it to the police. “I hadn’t thought anything like this would happen, he was my sister’s husband. I took care of him after their separation, I was there for him and cooked him his supper“, she told the judge.

She couldn’t forgive him the rape, but asked that he should not be given a punishment:”I do that for my cousins. I wouldn’t like for them to grow up without their father.” The court could not grant this request. As the public prosecutor said in her closing argument:

This is a serious violation. The defendant has used the kindness of the victim, the only one in the family to care about him.

Hassan A. had the last word, saying, somewhat enigmatically, that:

I am heartily sorry, it needn’t have come to this.