Police in the Dutch city of Almere are looking for a group of youngsters it deems responsible for physically assaulting volunteers of the Neighbourhood Watch.

According to the police, the volunteers were making their rounds through the neighbourhood at 20:10, when they were verbally abused near train station Muziekwijk. When the volunteers confronted the group of loitering young men near the bicycle stands, a fight broke out.

By the time the police arrived, the young men had scarpered. The neighbourhood watch volunteers were visibly upset by the ordeal. To the policemen who had just rushed in, it was unclear at the time what had happened precisely. Only after reviewing the footage uploaded to the video website it became clear how serious the incident truly was.

The footage shows how the young men wrestle one of the volunteers to the ground. A bystander trying to interfere has great difficulties doing so.

On the basis of the footage, the police now states that this is clearly a case of public violence. Because of this, there has been a consultation with the Public Prosecutor regarding the incident. According to a Police spokesman:

This is a case of absolutely impermissible violence against a group of neighbourhood residents, making their rounds through the neighbourhood with the best of intentions.

According to police, the quality of the video footage will certainly help in tracking down the culprits.

Dutch Moroccan youths are known for their excessive and disproportionate representation in Dutch crime statistics.