Special Police forces have yesterday arrested a 17-year-old from Syria in Brandenburg, Germany for planning a suicide attack in Berlin. This was reported earlier today by the Domestic Affairs Minister of Brandenburg, Karl-Heinz Schröter (SPD). The German police were put on the trail of the suspect through investigations by local police forces in Berlin and Hessen. The Syrian is said to have already said his goodbyes to his mother through a WhatsApp message. In the message, he said he wanted to be a Jihadist and gave information about his intended attack.

Investigators think he planned a suicide attack. When asked about his target, Schröter said:”we presume Berlin.” According to preliminary findings of the police, the suspect has immigrated to Germany in 2015, illegaly, and has since registered as an asylum seeker. Since 2016 he lived in a shelter for unaccompanied, under-age refugees in Gerswalde, to the North of Eberswalde, which is also where he was arrested.

Since the press-statement by Schröter, no new information has been forthcoming. The suspect is presumably being questioned by Police, while both the shelter and its surroundings are being searched.